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Saddle Fitting 

Your saddle affects your riding and your horses performance. It is imperative that your saddle fits not only you, but your horse as well. We offer saddle fitting at very affordable prices. In-fact if you haul your horse to the shop, its free! 

To fit at a property : (Prices are PER Horse.)

within 0-30 mile radius of store . . . . $50.00

within 31-60 mile radius of store . . . $75.00

within 61-100 mile radius of store . . $100.00

within 101-130 mile radius of store. .$125.00

within 131 miles away or further. . . TBD


We offer a trial service for our new and used saddles! We typically recommend taking a saddle out on trial before you commit to such a large purchase. The trial is free of charge.We require you to fill out a saddle trial contract. We will need to take down your information as well as a drivers license number and credit card. We typically ask that the saddle be returned within 5 business days. One twenty minute ride should be sufficient enough to tell if the saddle will work for you. This is a great opportunity if you need your trainer to assess the saddle you chose.  The buyer will be held responsible for any damage done during a trial. An un-returned saddle will be charged to the credit card information left with us. 


We carry a variety of used consignment saddles in stock at all times! We carry western and english saddles only! Several brands and almost always something in your desired price range. Visit our Consignment Corner to learn more!


We offer Tack cleaning at the shop! Drop your saddle/tack off at the shop and we will call you within 2-5 business days to pick it up! Saddle cleaning starts at $35 and goes up depending on the type of saddle and degree of cleaning required. please call or bring your saddle in for a more accurate quote. We also do tack and harness cleaning as well! Visit our Services page to learn more!